Book CoverStage Combat: Unarmed is a book written by BASSC Master Teacher and SAFD Certified Teacher Roger Bartlett. It leads you through everything you need to know in order to create and perform unarmed stage fights that are realistic, compelling and, above all, safe!


2 Safety Collar Victim POVTechniques covered in the book include Slapping, Punching, Falling over, Kicking, Strangling, Pulling and Pushing and important concepts such as eye contact, balance and good partnering.



Each technique is clearly described with extensive photographic illustrations. There is also a collection of 40 on-line videos demonstrating each technique in slow motion and at performance pace.


88 Jab hits the line

148 Kick crossing the line side view - No Lines
Whatever your current level of experience, this is an essential book for directors, actors, students, teachers and stage managers alike. In fact, anyone looking to incorporate safe and effective stage fights into their production.




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