Julius Caesar (St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden) 2013

Iris Theatre

Directed by Daniel Winder

“The Battles in director Daniel Winder’s chest-thumping version of ‘Julius Caesar’ are very good.”

Miriam Gillinson, Time Out


“I’ve never seen a better assassination scene either. One minute a slow-motion film, the next a beautifully choreographed dance, the next a Caravaggio canvas, then a gory murder scene, it was over far too quickly to take it all in in its ethereal and haunting beauty.  A good proportion of the audience gasped in appreciation which isn’t something you hear everyday.”

Kat Pope, BroadwayBaby.com


“the spectacular slow-motion assassination of Caesar”

Oscar Donovan, Camden Review


As You Like It (St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden) 2012

Iris Theatre

Directed by Daniel Winder

“The movement and fighting was excellent, the audience wincing as Oliver, played by William Reay, convincingly thudded onto the ground or off a wall once again.”

Jemma Bicknell, The Public Reviews


“the wrestling scene was brilliantly done, as was all the stage combat”

Lucy Thackray, Broadway World.com


“The opening is suitably full-on – There’s general discord, violent confrontations, and a superbly choreographed wrestling match.”

Georgina Newman, What’s On The Fringe


Shakespeare4Kidz “Macbeth” 2010

Directed by Julian Chenery

“the sword fights, particularly the final one between Macbeth and Macduff, was thrilling.”

Theo Spring, Croydon Review


“a magnificent clash of swords”

Julia Taylor, Whats on Stage


“a convincing sword fight, skilfully choreographed by Roger Bartlett.”

Tony Flook, Surrey Mirror


Othello (Upstairs at the Gatehouse) 2006

Dir Megan Finlay

“some striking action scenes that gave the play an exciting edge, and were realistically executed by a well-drilled cast.”

Peter Brown, London Theatre.co.uk